My Info for iPhone and iPod Touch

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A feature that should have been included

Just about every cell phone and electronic organizer that has ever existed has had a way to put your name and contact information on it. That way, if your phone is lost, stolen, or just mixed up with someone else's it's obvious who to contact. Most people are basically honest, and will tr to get the phone back to you - as long as its easy and convenient. That's where My Info comes in.

An electronic luggage tag

My Info is like an electronic luggage tag for your iPhone or iPod Touch. You simply fill out contact information through the System Preferences. Then position the My Info app's bright blue, internationally recognize "information" icon in the first slot on your home screen. Now anyone finding the phone can simply click the My Info button to see your photo and contact information. There's even a single-button function to call you (iPhone only)! (At an alternate number to your iPhone itself of course!)

Better than the alternative...

Without My Info, someone finding your iPhone or iPod Touch would either not bother, or try digging through your phone book and calling each contact on that list. How would you like getting a call from a stranger claiming to have a cell phone that you may or may not know who it belongs to?

Setting up My Info

The first time you run My Info, and anytime you want to make changes to your information, go to the iPhone's Settings application. You will see My Info listed below your normal settings options. Then, simply fill in the blanks for name and contact information. Be sure and specify a phone number other than your iPhone, since if you lose it they won't be able to call it will they! A home or work phone is good for this purpose. If you don't have a Company name you can just leave this field blank, or put in a personal message such as "Reward for Return" or "Call for a Good Time".

Note: it's also a good idea to move the My Info icon to your home screen's tool bar or position it in the upper left corner. That way it will be easily spotted if someone were to find your device. To do this, go to the home screen and then hold your finger on the icon for a few seconds until they all start to jiggle. Then, move the icon to where you'd like it and tap the Home button.

Setting up your Photo

If you want to add a personal photo to the My Info screen, just tap on the user image icon in the upper left corner. You can then select a photo from one of your albums or, if you are using an iPhone take a picture. This is a good way to personalize your device.

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