TestMatrix for Visual Studio

TestMatrix helps you improve the quality of your code by make test driven development painless and convenient. TestMatrix adds support for unit testing, code coverage analysis, and test profiling to Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, seamlessly incorporating these critical development practices directly into the coding process itself.

TestMatrix will change the way you think about testing by making these tasks an integral part of the programming experience, not an occasional external exercise. Rich editor integration and convenient keyboard shortcuts keep you focused, efficient, and productive while improving your ability to maintain good coding practices.

TestMatrix supports all the popular .NET languages, so it doesn't matter if you are developing in C#, VB.NET, or ASP.NET, TestMatrix will improve your ability to write quality, tested software. Get started today with a free trial.

Enjoy a seamless test driven development experience

TestMatrix will change the way you unit test by making it a seamless part of the programming experience. TestMatrix makes it easy and practical to follow a "code a little, test a little" philosophy. You can run your entire suit of tests in the background as easily as building your project, or more interactively through the Test Explorer window. You can even run and debug your tests directly from the editor itself via hot key or context menu, keeping your hands on the keyboard where they belong. Test results are reflected in the editor itself, as well as a results window, showing you which tests failed, along with where and why. TestMatrix automatically marks the lines that caused the failures and provides a convenient stack trace explorer.

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Easily track your code coverage

Unit tests check the quality of your code, code coverage checks the quality of your unit tests. Without some way to track your test coverage, there's no way to know how thorough your tests really are. With TestMatrix, code coverage metrics are collected automatically as you run your unit tests and applications. Code coverage is highlighted in the editor window, showing you exactly which lines have and have not received testing coverage. TestMatrix brings coverage into Visual Studio itself, so that the benefits of its feedback becomes a constant part of the development process. TestMatrix also allows you to review file, class, method, and line level statistics across the entire solution to identify which classes or methods require additional testing.

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Experience convenient, no nonsense profiling

TestMatrix adds test profiling features directly into the IDE, making it easier to use and learn than stand alone profilers, not to mention significantly cheaper. TestMatrix automatically collects line level performance metrics such as hit and object creation counts, memory utilization, and execution time as you test your application. As with code coverage, feedback appears directly in the Visual Studio's editor, in the form of hot spots markers and timing bars. Performance and memory utilization data is also rolled up into solution wide reports for your analysis. These easy to use features allow you to intuitively judge the performance profiles of individual lines and methods, while you test. When performance and memory usage information is constantly visible, you'll be surprised by the things you learn about your code and the problems you spot early.

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