StudioTools for Visual Studio

The features that should have been included in the first place! StudioTools is a rich collection of Visual Studio enhancements that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. Handy navigation assistance features allow you to open files or find classes and methods by with just a few keystrokes. A full featured Code Metrics tool, tear off editor windows, and more. Time and energy saved through convenience means more time at the real task at hand, developing quality code. You can enable or disable any of the Studio Tool plugins individually.

Best of all, StudioTools is a free product!

Code Metrics View

This view adds a variety of commonly used code metrics to Visual Studio, just like those in the Team Edition, but without the expensive pricetag and with even more metrics! By sorting and filtering you can find problem areas in your code such as overly complex classes or methods with too many parameters. Eight key metrics at your finger tips! You can even export your metrics to XML and track your progress over time.

Learn more about Code Metrics.

Smart Goto

In a large project you can waste a lot of time navigating through your solution. The Smart Goto feature help you work more efficiently by making it easy to find what you're looking for. Smart Goto overrides the default Visual Studio Ctrl+G (Goto) to provide quick keyboard access to just about anything in your solution with super speed! Smart Goto can take you to any file, symbol, type, or line number. Just type a few characters of the thing you are looking for. If you type a number and hit return, it will navigate the cursor to that line number in the current file, just like the "classic" Goto functionality.

Learn more about Smart Goto

Open File by Name

Open File by Name gives you quick keyboard access to open any file in your solution by typing the first few letters of its name. It is in essence a more narrow case of the SmartGoto application, specifically designed fo files. No more reaching for the mouse or digging through the Solution Explorer!

Learn more about Open by Name

Tear Off Editor Window

This is one of those features that you think would be built in to Visual Studio. Without StudioTools you can only have multiple documents open by splitting the editor into tag groups. TestMatrix however let's you float multiple, independent editor windows. You can open as many as you like, float them outside of the main interface or a second monitor. You can even dock editor windows into the workspace at any point. Learn more about Tear Off Editor Windows.

Incremental Search

Incremental Search makes it easy to search for strings in the file you are currently editing. Unlike the search options built into Visual Studio, this plugIn doesn't open a new window and gives you a quick list of all the matches so you can select the next one.

Learn more about Incremental Search

File Explorer

The Solution Explorer is a logical representation of your project tree, and not necessarily a reflection of the files on disk. Many times there are other files that are important to the project, but which aren't officially part of the solution itself. The File Explorer gives you a fully functional File Explorer to let you get at those files. Copy, delete, rename, its all there. You aren't limited to your solution either. You can use the File Explorer to access files anywhere on your workstation or across the network.

Learn more about the File Explorer

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