StudioTools > Open File by Name

Open File by Name gives you quick keyboard access to open any file in your solution by typing the first few letters of its name. It is in essence a more narrow case of the SmartGoto application.

Performing a search

To perform a search, use the Alt+O shortcut or select Open File by Name from the Studio Tools menu to invoke the search dialog. Just begin typing and matching files will automatically be returned.

The most likely results will be listed first, and the search terms will be highlighted in the results. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the results, then hit return to open your selection in the editor. If you have a lot of matches, you can page through the with the Page Up and Page Down keys.

Using regular expressions and wildcards

By default, the search engine will locate partial matches against the term you enter, so there is no need to provide wildcards in most circumstances. Should the need arise for a more complex search however, regular expressions are fully supported.

If you area a little fuzzy on the exact name of the file, you can use wild cards to expand your search by adding an asterisk anywhere in your search string. (A trailing asterisk is always assumed). For example: