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Smart Goto overrides the default Visual Studio Ctrl+G (Goto) to provide quick keyboard access to just about anything in your solution. Smart Goto can take you to any file, symbol, type, or line number. Just type a few characters of the thing you are looking for. If you type a number and hit return, it will navigate the cursor to that line number in the current file, just like the "classic" Goto functionality.

Performing a search

To perform a search, use the Ctrl+G shortcut or select Smart Goto from the Studio Tools menu to invoke the search dialog. Beside the search field are a number of filters, which can be used to control the scope of the search within your solution as we'll soon see.

Now just begin typing. As you type, Smart Goto will automatically return matches from your current solution. The most likely results will be listed first, and the search terms will be highlighted in the results. Depending on the scope of your search, you may return a mixture of content types, including classes, methods, and files.

Selecting a match

Use the arrow keys to navigate through the results, then hit return to open your selection in the editor. If you have a lot of matches, you can page through the with the Page Up and Page Down keys.

Using regular expressions and wildcards

By default, the search engine will locate partial matches against the term you enter, so there is no need to provide wildcards in most circumstances. Should the need arise for a more complex search however, regular expressions are fully supported

If you area a little fuzzy on the exact name of the file, you can use wild cards to expand your search by adding an asterisk anywhere in your search string. (A trailing asterisk is always assumed). For example:

Applying filters

The filter buttons along the tope of the search window are used to control the scope of the matching. Only the type of objects selected in the search filters will be included in the results. Your preference is remembered between searches.

The Open File by Name plugIn works similarly to SmartGoto with only the "Files" filter selected. It's provided as a convenience since working files is such a common case.

Going to a line number

If you type in a number by itself, you will be taken to that line number in the currently open file. This is the same behavior as the standard Visual Studio Goto functionality.

Going to a web page

If you type in a URL, SmartGoto will load that URL into a browser tab inside of Visual Studio.