Purchase Exact Magic Software

Purchasing online is easy, fast, and safe. We only sell our tools as a download to save on packaging and shipping costs. The order links below will allow you purchase your license via PayPal or Credit Card, no PayPal account is required. All prices are shown in US dollars. Established companies can order our software with a purchase order. Please contact us directly for details. All purchases include:

After your order is processed, you will get an e-mail containing a personalized registration key. This license key is used to activate the full version of the software. If you experience any problems with the order, or have not received your keys within one business day, please contact us.

Licensing terms

All software is licensed on a per user basis. Each developer will require a license, and can use their license software on multiple computers. Multi-user licenses are exclusively for use in your organization. Please read the End User License Agreement for full details.

Evaluation period

For our customers who wish to evaluate our software before they purchase a license, we offer a 15-day free trial. This is a fully functional application that includes all of the functionality of the licensed application. At the end of the trial period, the application may be upgraded to the full version by purchasing the appropriate license key. To begin your trial, download the application.

** Please include the name you would like the software licensed to (such as your organization) in the PayPal comments.

TestMatrix 2.0

License TypePriceQty 
TestMatrix Single User $129
5 User License Pack $495 ($99 per user)
10 User License Pack $890 ($89 per user)

CodeSpell 2.0

License TypePriceQty 
CodeSpell Single User $29
5 User License Pack $120 ($24 per user)
10 User License Pack $190 ($19 per user)

Upgrading from TestMatrix 1.0

If you are a licensed TestMatrix 1.0 user you are entitled to a free upgrade to 2.0, but you will need a new license key. Contact support and provide them with your name and license key, name to license the product to, and quantity of keys you have purchased.

Upgrading from TestRunner (Mailframe)

If you are a user of the TestRunner product sold by Mailframe, you can upgrade for a reduced rate.

License TypePriceQty 
TestMatrix Single User Upgrade $49
License Key: