New Unit Testing Book

New Unit Testing Book

There’s a new book on unit testing coming out from Manning Publishing from author Roy Osherove. The book won’t be available in physical form till later this year, but it looks like some chapters are online at the publisher’s site. From the publisher…

The Art of Unit Testing guides the reader on the journey from beginner to master in the subtle art of unit testing. Based on expert author Roy Osherove’s real-world development experiences, this book shows developers how to make sure the code that they write actually works as expected, and how to make these verifications as automated as possible. Not only that, the book shows techniques that help to make sure that the tests are maintainable, readable, and test the right thing over time, avoiding the “throw-away tests” phenomenon that plagues many shops that try to write unit tests without clear guidelines. In this way it helps you make your development process—and your business—more agile.

Check it out, let us know what you think.

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