Support Forums now Online

Finally, the much requested support forums are online. Of course until you get in there and post something there’s not going to be much content now is there.

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Update on the “Vegas” beta…

We’re putting the finishing touches on the Vegas beta and hope to ship it in the next few weeks. It is working with the final release of Visual Studio 2008 and we’ve managed to reduce the memory footprint significantly. Please give it a go and tell us how it works for you.

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Coming Soon: “Vegas”

We are happy to announce the first details about the next release of TestMatrix for Visual Studio, code named “Vegas”. We’ve gotten lots of great feedback from our customers, and think you will all find this release very exciting. We’ve got a new platform with a lot of great features, here are some of the highlights, stay tuned to the blog for more updates and specifics.

New Platform with Plug-in Support

We have rewritten our platform to improve speed and reliability, and have introduced a new plug-in based architecture. With plug-ins, you’ll be able to install just the features you wish, and leave out those you don’t need. This will give us much better compatibility with other Visual Studio add ons, and allow us to add new features more quickly. A built in auto-update feature will keep everything up to date.

Support for Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas)

Microsoft should be releasing its next version of Visual Studio around the end of the year, and we plan to be right there with them. Many of you brave souls are already running the betas, and have asked for Orcas support. Contact us if you want to try out an early build.

Multi-Framework Unit Testing

The next release will add support for a number of additional unit testing frameworks, including MbUnit, MSTest, csUnit, and NUnit. Support will be fully transparent, and you can use several frameworks within the same project without difficulty. Great for those of you transitioning from one framework for another.

Super Fast Unit Tests

The fastest by far! We’ve added a number of features specifically designed to help speed unit test execution time. We’ve added real time code analysis so that unit tests are identified even before you have compiled and advanced dependency tracking to reduce test startup time in solutions with lots of projects. Fast, pain-free unit testing is what it’s all about.

And Much More

Lots of other enhancements and new features will be included. Improved unit coverage and reports, more flexible spell checking, and enhanced navigation tools.

Availability and Pricing

We are really excited about the new platform, and want all our users to have the best possible experience. Therefore, we’ve decided that this will be a free upgrade to all registered users. TestRunner users who upgrade to TestMatrix 1.0 before Vegas ships will also receive a free upgrade. So, buy your copy today and you’ll get the next release for free!

The final release won’t be available until the end of the year, but we will soon begin a private beta period to be followed by a public beta. We’ll begin posting more details to the blog as well, so stay tuned for more information.

If you want to get an early look at things, and are not afraid of bugs, contact us and tell us you’d like to participate in the private beta. Tell us the platform, language, and version of Visual Studio you typically use. We’ll contact you within the next couple of weeks and begin making builds available.

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TestRunner upgrade pricing

As many of you may already know, the TestMatrix product is a descendant of the popular TestRunner plugin from Mailframe, and also includes technology originally distributed as the product CodeSpell.

Good news for registered user of the earlier Mailframe products TestRunner or CodeSpell, you can upgrade your licenses to TestMatrix for a special reduced rate of $40 per user from the online store.

You will be asked to enter the registration information from your original order at checkout. You must have a valid license key to complete your upgrade order. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

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It Was Mailframe

After having Mailframe and TestRunner in the market for 3 years now, we’ve decided to take things a bit more ‘company’. First off – Mailframe doesn’t say anything about what we’re doing, Exact Magic does. We’re looking to provide programmers with tools that work for you. Taking the drudgery out. Collecting data in the background. Automating common tasks. We want it to seem like magic.

StudioTools is the combination of TestRunner and CodeSpell, along with some new and rather cool navigation tools that let you get right to your types (Alt-G) or open a file by quick name match (Alt-O). We’ve incorporated hundreds of user’s feedback based on TestRunner 2005. The biggest thing, we made it a lot faster. Coverage and profiling is really fast. In our solutions, we’ve seen overhead as low as 25% in running unit tests to collect coverage metrics. The idea here is coverage that is so fast, you can leave it on all the time. Folks that have licenses for TestRunner 2005 or CodeSpell 2005 should contact us about upgrade pricing.

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