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TestMatrix is all about making NUnit easier and faster to use while you are programming. It’s most useful if you are already using NUnit for testing, and are looking for a faster way to run your tests, gather coverage, and debug you tests without shuffling through a lot of windows or external tools by giving you direct feedback in the editor about your test cases. It’s a free trial to download, give it a shot and it’ll save you time testing.

We’ve got

  • NUnit 2.4
  • Code Coverage, Memory, and Performance Profiling
  • Fully 64 bit support (better than NCover!)

From your test cases, just right click and run. The menu even shows you which test, whether you are in a [TestFixture] or a [TestCase].

Right there, in the editor the test result is marked with a colored indicator (which you can pick the colors)

And most convenient, when you have a failed test the failure and root cause is show to you right there in the editor with the ‘fingers’ test failure marker and a tooltip.

And, we’ve got NUnit GUI style test ‘tree’ as a docking window.

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