Orcas Test Support

Looking forward to future versions, we’re looking at bridging the gap to provide NUnit, MBUnit, Selenium, and maybe CSUnit testing support inside of the Team System Test framework. I’m assuming folks will start moving to the official MS test solution as Orcas rolls out, which leaves you in a pickle. What do you do with all your NUnit tests? Convert them? It seems like a lot of work, and possibly error prone, and what about third party components that you use that have integrated tests, or multiple project teams on multiple schedules?

So, that leaves me with the following theory – it’s better to integrate into what will be the omnipresent MS Test solution by making plug-ins that will run all your existing tests as-is, without modification, so that you can mix and match the best test tool for the job, yet have all the results merge together into one collected test output provided by the Orcas test system.

  • Mark the failure line in the editor
  • Bridge Integration
    • NUnit
    • MBUnit
    • CSUnit
    • Selenium
  • Allow ‘Debug Tests’ from the context menu in the editor
  • Provide a Test Statistics panel with Pass/Fail/Inconclusive ratios and charts
  • Custom Test Types

    • Repeating / Timed
    • ‘With Coverage’
    • ‘With Performance’

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Orcas Test Support”

  1. Chris Buckett Says:

    With the Selenium integration, what are your plans with that? I envisage the TestRunner embedding (or starting and ending) the Selenium RC server, so that it doesn’t need to be started manually. That would be really useful.

  2. Greg Wojan Says:

    Personally I would like to see support for MBUnit or other frameworks as plugins. Do you really think Microsoft’s test framework will be “THE ONE”? I certainly don’t and having to use bridges/shims almost always results in ‘least common denominator’ development.


  3. will Says:

    Good new is — we’re going with the solution of having test frameworks as plugins. Out of the gate we have NUnit, CsUnit, and MbUnit.

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