Command Line Support

This has been one of the more requested features, and we’ve got it in the latest (Experimental) update downloads. The basic idea is that you can run your Visual Studio solution’s tests with any supported test engine (NUnit, CsUnit, and MbUnit currently — more on the way), as well as collect coverage.

This command line program runs the same sequence as the Visual Studio integrated test engine, but with one exception:

Build Your Solution First

the command line runner looks at the solution and project files in order to determine the location of the output assemblies in order to run tests. In terms of a NAnt script, just build your solution, then execute TestMatrix.exe as a command line task. Here is a sample run, using our self-test testing solution.

C:ExactMagictrunk>TestMatrix.exe /engine:nunit /solution:Test.sln /coverage:coverage.xml
100.00 %
Pass:    24
Fail:    2
Not Run: 1
Testing complete in 00:07.032

The actual program is located under your user profile — where the hot updates extract. On Vista, this is generally:

C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\ExactMagic\addins\TestMatrix

Copy the entire contents of this folder to wherever you’d like on your build server, or reference it directly, it has all the files you’d require. The guid-named subdirectories are the actual different test engine plugins. Take a peek at the framework.xml and you’ll get a sense as to how the system works.

This command line version doesn’t currently check for a license, so you don’t need to worry about installing Visual Studio on your build server.

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