TestMatrix Updated

Uploaded the 2008.2.0.2177 release this morning, and tidied up the version numbers a bit. Now the last number is tied into the Subversion build repository of the release branch.

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Main new features are saving the call trace to XML. The coverage window will now automatically open when coverage is collected, and you can turn this off in Tools | Options (thanks for David Veeneman for the screenshot!). Main bug fix is for coverage, where if the last instruction of a method was an explicit throw, it was previously possible to get an InvalidProgramException.

In the call trace, there are two new icons ‘blocked’ and ‘exception’.

  • Blocked: the method time is taking 1000ms more than the CPU time, indicating some kind of lock or I/O is blocking the call
  • Exception: the method exited with an exception, this is useful to quickly see how far up the stack an exception carries
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