Flashlight XS

Performance breakthrough - turns the light on INSTANTLY! Fastest, brightest, smallest flashlight app available. Hand tuned for the latest hardware and OS.

Don’t believe other apps who claim to be fast, that’s old news. There is now none faster.


  • instant on - light always starts when you open it
  • fastest startup time - nearly 10X faster startup
  • brightest light - runs at maximum brightness possible
  • optimized - hand tuned for maximum performance
  • compact - takes up very little disk space on your phone
  • ad free - no advertisements

Flashlight XS is designed to do one thing well - provide and easy to use, fast starting flashlight. No gimmicks, no pictures of light bulbs, no animated flames. All those fancy graphics and silly images are why other flashlights take so long to load. Nothing can match Flashlight XS.

Flashlight XS turns your phone’s flash into a super bright flashlight. Just click and run. Starts INSTANTLY so it’s ready when you need it!  Press the home button shuts off the light.  To turn off the light temporarily while running you can tap the icon in the lower left corner.

Why is Flashlight XS so fast?

For starters, we’ve trimmed out all the heavy graphics and special effects that you don’t need any way. All of those ‘features’ slow down the application launch time and waste precious space on your device. Secondly, we’ve hand tuned the code, taking advantage of all the latest hardware and iOS upgrades. Older apps can’t compete with the attention we’ve put into this application. We don’t support older versions of iOS that bog down other applications.

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Please Note: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

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