Battery Life

Want to know how much remaining battery life you have? That little icon at the top of the phone isn’t that helpful, it only gives you a very rough estimate. Battery Life Meter will show you not only the exact percentage charge remaining, but the amount of time remaining depending on how you actually use the phone. Have enough battery left to watch that movie on the plane? Can you leave the phone on standby overnight? Battery Life Meter will tell you. Quick and easy to use, just run it!

Shows Remaining:

  • Talk Time (2G, 3G)
  • Standby Time
  • Internet Browsing Time (3G, WiFi)
  • Video Playback Time
  • Audio Playback Time
  • Gameplay Time

Other Features:

  • Multiple battery styles
  • Customizable color scheme

Supports all iPhone and iPod Touch Models!

  • Original iPhone
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • Original iPod Touch
  • Second Generation iPod Touch
  • Third Generation iPod Touch

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