Want to know how much free space is left on your iPhone or iPod touch? Free Disk Space shows you not only the exact amount of memory space remaining on your device, but exactly what you can fit into that space. Do you have enough disk space to download a movie before your next flight? How about a few songs? All those GB’s and MB’s not mean anything to you? Then you need Free Disk Space! Quick and easy to use, just run it! Free Disk Space shows you just how much storage space is left on your device in terms of different types of media, letting you know how much you can store, in easy to understand terms.

Shows you remaining space for:

  • Songs
  • Movies
  • Television Shows
  • Images

Shows you how much space is used:

  • iPhone OS
  • Reserved space
  • Media (songs, movies, apps)

Supports all iPhone and iPod Touch Models!

  • Original
  • 3G
  • 3GS
  • Original iPod Touch
  • Second Generation iPod Touch

Note: Media sizes are based on averages for your device.

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