The Original! Flashlight is a simple, but incredibly convenient, application that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a flashlight. Flashlight can help you find your way in a dark room, unlock your door on a dark night, read a map, or a thousand other issues. It starts quickly, giving you a bright, full screen light. It even looks like a real flashlight with your choice of bulbs!

Tens of thousands of users use Flashlight every day. We’ve heard from moms, dads, kids, hunters, pilots, sailors, campers, soldiers and countless others who are delighted at how handy it is to have an always available flashlight. Every iPod Touch or iPhone owner can use Flashlight. After all, it’s always dark somewhere.


  • variety of bulb styles (double-tap to change)
  • colored, specialty light choices
  • simple controls can used with one finger, in the dark, with gloves
  • adjustable brightness (slide/flick up and down)
  • background graphics can be disabled
  • no complicated dialogs, tiny text, or crazy effects
  • icon name localized to several languages

Endless Uses:

  • book light - a great flashlight for reading books in bed
  • map light - reading a map in a dark car at night
  • key light - help unlock your door on a dark night
  • fishing/hunting - help prepare your equipment in the predawn hours
  • camping flashlight - will light up the inside of a dark tent nicely
  • astronomy flashlight - using the red light will preserve your night vision
  • purse light - that lipstick is in there somewhere!

Adjusting the Brightness

The brightness of the flashlight can quickly be adjusted to fit your situation. The phone is surprisingly bright in the dark, sometimes too bright! There are no complicated dialogs or popups, since it may be too dark to see them. Instead, to adjust the flashlight brightness, simply slide your finger up and an down, or left and right, anywhere on the screen. This setting will be remembered and used again next time your run your flashlight. While in use, Flashlight disables any automatic screen dimming or locking.

Tip: If you want to make your flashlight even brighter, you can increase your device’s maximum Brightness level through the Settings application.

Choosing a Flashlight Style

Flashlight comes with a variety of different styles of flashlights for use in different situations or to fit your personal preference. To change to a new flashlight type, just double tap anywhere on the screen to cycle through the available options. Some flashlight choices are purely aesthetic, while others are more functional. Your choices of flashlight graphics include:

  • different light bulb graphics (incandescent, fluorescent, etc)
  • colored lenses in various styles
  • plain, solid color backgrounds (no graphics, for maximum light output)

There are four different colors available amongst the different flashlight types. The colored flashlights are useful in a variety of situations.

  • Red - good for preserving night vision. A good astronomy flashlight.
  • Green - works well with night vision goggles, or in the forest
  • Blue - a soft cool light, low impact on night vision in the early dawn. A good hunter flashlight.
  • Yellow - softer and more pleasing than white light.

When you start your flashlight, it will always use your previous flashlight style.

How Have You Used Flashlight?

While it seems simple, we have tens of thousands of users who find Flashlight to be an indispensable tool. If you find Flashlight to be useful, why not take a few moments to give us a quick positive review or good rating in the app store? Share with others stories of how you have used Flashlight! Good reviews and high ratings not only encourage the development of new applications and features, it helps us feed our families!

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