Spanish for Tourists - Audio Phrasebook

Over 200 simple, essential Spanish phrases and questions specially designed for Tourists and Travelers with written and audio translations in Spanish that play right from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

This is not a simple Spanish dictionary. It’s a unique collection of straight-forward phrases designed by and for people vacationing in Spanish speaking countries.

Phrases are short, and as simple as possible. Audio translations are spoken slowly and are easy to understand and learn. Plus, you can just use your speaker on your iPhone and play the phrases out loud. No need to translate.

These are Spanish phrases and questions designed and used by seasoned travelers, with audio by a native Spanish speaker. Most questions are specifically designed to solicit a yes or no, response so you can understand the answer. Phrases are simple, and direct.

If all the Spanish you can understand that “Si’” means yes and “No” means No, then this is Spanish the app for you. The phrases are the phrases you actually will need while traveling, relating to shopping, eating out, and participating in activities. Of course all the basics are there, but also those little phrases you won’t find else where. For example:

  • I need a high chair.
  • Do you have a kids menu?
  • Can you give me a better price?

This is not an application to start a conversation in Spanish because, if you can not understand the answer, then why ask the question?

The phrases are optimized for the non-Spanish speaker.
Start every encounter with “I don’t speak Spanish… answer the questions with yes or no only.” If you need something like an address, birthdate, or phone number, you will be able to tell them to write it down. There are also commands such as “show me” and “what is that”.


  • Turn the phone sideways and it becomes a cue card
  • Every phrase and question has an audio translation in Spanish. Just touch to play!
  • Night mode at the touch of a button

Categories included:

  • Conversation
  • Food and Drink
  • Directions
  • Medical
  • Activities
  • Transportation
  • Days and Months
  • Shopping
  • Colors

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