Spanish for Police - Audio Phrasebook

Over 200 simple Spanish commands and questions for Police and Law Enforcement with written and audio translations, including full Miranda Rights in Spanish!

Perfect for Police Officers, State Troopers, Federal Law Enforcement, Sheriff Deputies, Corrections, and Security officers.

This is not a simple Spanish dictionary. It’s a unique collection of straight-forward phrases designed by and for professional law enforcement.

  • Phrases are short, and as simple as possible
  • Audio translations are spoken slowly and are easy to understand and learn
  • Full Miranda Rights spoken in Spanish

Just use your speaker on your iPhone and let the suspect listen. No need to translate.

For less than a cup of coffee, isn’t it worth it to know at least how to say “Do you have any needles” in Spanish?
Corrections Officer Section makes it easier for you to process Spanish-speaking prisoners. Designed by a veteran street cop and written by his brother, an iPhone software engineer

These are Spanish commands and questions designed and used by street cops, with audio by a native Spanish speaker. The questions are specifically designed to solicit a yes or no, response so you can understand the answer. Commands are simple, and direct.

If all the Spanish you can understand that “Si’” means yes and “No” means No, then this is Spanish the app for you. You will be able to give simple commands such as “Stop,” “You’re under arrest”, “Hands on top of your head,” “Hands up,” and “Your identification.” Ask simple questions such as “Can I search your car?”, “What is your name?”, or “Can I search you?”.

This is not an application to start a conversation in Spanish because, if you can not understand the answer, then why ask the question?

Start every encounter with “I don’t speak Spanish… answer the questions with yes or no only.” If you need something like an address, birthdate, or phone number, you will be able to tell them to write it down.

From the Designer….

As a street cop assigned to a Spanish-speaking area of town, I needed to learn these phrases in order to survive and do my job. I have tried to learn Spanish in the past and I was always able to remember the questions to ask, but I couldn’t understand the answers people gave back.

I learned simple key phrases and commands I used everyday at work and on the street. Learning these key phrases is a must-have for officer safety and, with shrinking budgets at police departments, you must take it upon yourself to do it on your own.

If you ever felt frustrated on a traffic stop, domestic, or were unable to help some one who is hurt because you couldn’t communicate in Spanish as a cop or first responder, then this is a must-have app for you. Don’t let a situation get out of control because you can’t communicate.

Stay Safe!


  • Turn the phone sideways and it becomes a cue card
  • Every command and question has an audio translation in Spanish. Just touch to play!
  • Night mode at the touch of a button

Categories included:

  • Common phrases
  • Traffic stops
  • Officer Safety and Arrest situations
  • Suspect identification
  • Medical emergencies
  • DUI and HGN
  • Searching suspects
  • Colors
  • Jail and Corrections
  • Miranda Rights

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