Weather Radar HD

The best selling weather radar app in the app store, expanded and updated for the iPad! Simple, fast, easy to use, gorgeous animated graphics. Includes full animated coverage of the entire U.S., as well as the latest radar imagery across the globe overlaid on three styles of scrollable, zoomable maps.

In addition to weather radar and cloud cover, Weather Radar HD is a real-time weather map of the entire world with current conditions and local forecasts. Zoom and scroll and the weather conditions are updated in real time, with current condition icons and temperatures displayed right on the map. Just like the weather maps on TV!

Click on any icon to see windspeed and direction, and a full forecast for that area. Your choice of satellite imagery, street maps, or a mix of both.

The fastest, easiest way to view local weather radar and forecasts on your iPad. A single click (for GPS units) or convenient location search and the Weather Radar automatically determines your location and finds the closest doppler weather radar and weather forecasts. Animated, rich graphics show you the direction and progress of nearby storms and clouds.


  • huge, full screen high resolution radar and maps
  • full, animated radar from the NWS for the entire U.S.
  • the latest world wide radar imagery
  • satellite cloud cover mode
  • optional current conditions and temperatures
  • forecasts for any location
  • play, pause animations at any zoom level
  • zoom in and out, drag and scroll
  • filtered and unfiltered radar data
  • finds your current location, or specify your own
  • option to show current position on the map
  • multiple map styles - street, satellite, a combination
  • supports landscape mode
  • saves and restores your last position
  • optional intensity legend
  • adjustable radar image transparency
  • iPad optimized
  • option to follow your current location
  • option to disable screen locking
  • manual and automatic refresh options

If you hit the “current location” button, the map follows your current location (until you touch the map or toggle it off).

You can pan with your finger, zoom in and out by pinching. Double tap with one finger to zoom in, single tap with two fingers zooms out.

You can select from street map or satellite style displays, and can turn the legend and cloud layer off via the settings screen.

You can choose the type of radar you want to see from the radar overlay menu:

  • Standard Weather Radar - filtered for fog and haze
  • Base Reflectivity - unfiltered, full strength
  • World Radar - for coverage across the globe
  • Cloud Cover -satellite cloud coverage

If you want to view weather radar for another area, simply click the globe button and specify a zip code or city to bypass automatic location via GPS.

Please note: This application requires a network connection, and animation is not currently support for World Radar or Cloud Cover.

More information about weather radar and weather forecasting.

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