Food Recall Alerts

Are you worried about food allergies, contaminants, or the spread of tainted food products like in the recent peanut butter scares?

This application monitors the Food and Drug Administration’s database of food recalls, bringing you an ever updating list of food recall notices, market withdrawals and safety alerts.

You might be surprised to lear that the FDA publishes dozens of food recalls every week. With Food Recall Alerts you can stay informed and keep you and your family healthy. Note that the FDA doesn’t usually publish alerts on the weekend.

The application is super simple to use. Simply click the icon and you’ll see a list of the latest food safety alerts, pulled from the FDA’s feed. Each time you run the application it will check to see if there are new updates automaticaly, but you can click the refresh icon at any time to get the latest.

To read more, just click on the story as you would in email to read the FDA bulletin. Click “Read More” for more information, which typically includes contact information and phone numbers for the companies involved.

When reading an alert, you can click the Action button to send the alert to a friend via e-mail.

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