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Studio Tools: Navigation Assistance

In a large project you can waste a lot of time navigating through your solution. TestMatrix' navigation assistance features help you work more efficiently by making it easy to find what you're looking for.

Open files, classes, and methods by name

TestMatrix makes it easy to edit a particular file or class in your solution without having to navigate through the Solution Explorer or take your hands off of the keyboard. Press Alt+O to open a file or Alt+G to navigate by class or method name to bring up a lookup list. Just start typing the name of the file or class you wish to open, and all matching files will appear in the window. You can use the wild card character to control the search, for example you can type *.xml to see a list all of the XML files in the solution.

Open recent files

Press the Alt+R hot key to see a list of recently used files. A lookup window will appear listing the files, and you can limit the list by typing the first few characters of the filename to instantly update the list.

Navigate the current document by symbol

Pressing Alt+N brings up a lookup list containing all of the symbols used in the current file. As with the other navigation aids, you can start typing the name of the symbol to filter the list. You can also use the options in the lookup window to control what types of symbols are listed, for example methods only.

Access all of your files with the File Explorer

The Solution Explorer is a logical representation of your project tree, and not necessarily a reflection of the files on disk. Many times there are other files that are important to the project, but which aren't officially part of the solution itself.

The File Explorer gives you a fully functional File Explorer to let you get at those files. Copy, delete, rename, its all there. You aren't limited to your solution either. You can use the File Explorer to access files anywhere on your workstation or across the network.

Run Windows shell extensions inside Visual Studio

TestMatrix's File Explorer feature is fully compatible with most Windows shell extensions. This means you can make use of excellent tools like TortoiseSVN and TortoiseCVS to manage your source tree from inside Visual Studio, or use WinZip to create and manage archives. The possibilities are endless.