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Studio Tools: Spell Check

The spell check feature of TestMatrix adds real-time, intelligent detection and correction of misspelled words to the Visual Studio editor. Spell check is available everywhere else in your life, why not in the code editor where most of us spend the bulk of our time. Spot and correct mistakes in symbols, comments, plain text files, HTML/ASP.NET tags and more.

As-you-type spell checking and correction

If you think that checking your spelling as you go will slow you down, think again. TestMatrix' spell checker works in the background, using adaptive algorithms to suspend spell checking while you are typing quickly, essentially squeezing in checks between the pauses in your words without ever interfering with your keystrokes. TestMatrix is going to find your spelling errors, not slow you down.

Any words not appearing in the dictionary will appear underlined in the familiar wavy red line style. You can customize the font styling through the options panel if you want something a little more subtle. A quick click and you'll be presented with alternatives.

Custom built for source code

Unlike simple text based spell checkers, TestMatrix has been custom designed with software developers in mind. The spell checker understands source code syntax and structure, and includes language specific terminology from C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and HTML. It even knows how to deal with "camel casing", XML/HTML tags, and underscore characters in an intelligent fashion.

You can choose where to enable spell checking. You can limit your spell checking to just text files and source code comments, or expose it everywhere for full coverage of your class and method names. Why spell check your code symbols? Good code is self documenting, and reminding yourself to use real words (that are spelled correctly) goes a long way to improving readability.

Custom dictionaries for each solution

The spell checker maintains two separate dictionaries. Both are used to supplement the built in dictionary with additional words, terms and symbols. The User Dictionary is a global word list, while the Solution Dictionary is unique to the current solution. This allows you and your team to maintain a solution specific vocabulary, the dictionary can be checked in to your source tree and shared between users.

Spell check individual files or your entire solution

TestMatrix also includes a convenient, non modal spell check window for spell checking an entire file or your entire solution interactively. Misspelled words appear in the list, and you can easily navigate to and correct each one.